Customizing Stickers

by Frank on Sat, Jun 15 2013 15:40:12

There are several online print services, where you can create custom vinyl stickers, here are two pre-checked sites :


For Standard Label Customizing, unless you have a certain design idea, keep your label dimensions within 2 x 2 inches or 5 x 5 cm for good propertions. The average price for a pair of labels is around $ 15 + shipping.


For Full-Front Customizing, we have used for our test, which is an internationally shipping UK based printing service that prints, cuts and ships your customized sticker to you.

You can design your sticker via Photoshop or via their Online Designer. The price for a full front body RackPeace sticker is around £8 for a single item, depending on the options you choose, + a flat shipping fee of around £6.25. All in all about U.S. $ 16.50, depending on current exchange rate.

Here are 2 options to proceed with Diginate :

  • 1) Create your customized sticker via Photoshop
    • Download and use this ready setup .psd file.
    • It is set to 300 dpi at 200mm x 140mm and has background-, outline- and text layers.
    • Check out the Photoshop video demo below for an overview.
    • Then either print out on your printer or,
    • order it at where you can upload your customized sticker.

  • 2) Use Diginates Online Designer to create your customized sticker
    • Download the outline picture, right click and save.
      Black for bright backgrounds, or Gray for dark backgrounds.
    • Go to
    • Then please follow the Online Designer video instructions below.
    • At checkout, please copy & paste this Order Info into the comment field, it contains all necessary info for to use the the custom cut-line file and to remove the outline picture from your file.
    • After receiving your print, wrap it around your RackPeace once, before you strip off the sticker from the carrier-foil, so you can see how it needs to be sticked.


Example Design   Example on RackPeace

* Computer Simulations
Photoshop Demo   Online Designer Demo


This matt vinyl sticker was created with diginate's online designer.

  • is not affiliated with or or any other company that you find the links for here.
  • All sticker orders and processing is only between you and the respective company.
  • If you have experience with a similar online-printing service for small quantity vinyl sticker printing, let us know and we'll post it here as well. Thx.



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